Foil Vandals With Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

The mixture of sun, sea, sand and alcohol can have a curious effect on vacationers. While the majority of individuals simply want to let their hair down and have some fun, there is always an invidious element that take things too far. Various vacation resorts have suffered damage to their property throughout the years as drunken revelers elect to destroy items of furniture located outside. As time has gone by, these companies have discovered the joys of using aluminum outdoor furniture instead of more traditional tables and chairs.

The Trouble With Wood

Wooden tables and chairs look classy but they are hard to clean, difficult to move and very expensive. Unfortunately, they are also all too easy to ruin. It is not unusual for a belligerent tourist to pick up a wooden chair and smash it against a wall. The business may be able to recoup the loss from the guest or they may not. Plastic furniture is seen as an alternative because it easy to clean, light and cheap but it also makes a hotel/bar/vacation resort look like a cheap, tacky location. Aluminum outdoor furniture has none of these problems, only advantages.

The Joys Of Aluminum

Like plastic, aluminum outdoor furniture is inexpensive, light and easy to clean but it is also incredibly tough. The fact that airplanes are manufactured from this metal is all you need to know. There is no other material in the world that can be used commercially which has a better weight to strength ratio. Furniture made from an aluminum alloy will not be smashed to pieces when thrown against a wall nor will it be difficult to clean up afterward.

The strength of aluminum makes it easy to create furniture with comfortable virgin vinyl strapping a popular choice as it easily supports the weight of even the most rotund tourist. Aluminum adds a touch of class to an establishment while being remarkably easy to clean and store.


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