All year round, resorts with a swimming pool need tables and chairs that can withstand the heat from the sun coupled with the occasional burst of rain. Wooden furniture has dominated the market for many years but is losing it throne as business owners all over the world understand the benefits of owning aluminum outdoor furniture. Resistance to water is especially pertinent when the furniture is located right beside a swimming pool. Constant exposure to water weakens the wood, causes it to smell and promotes the growth of unhealthy mold.

The Dangers Of Mold on Outdoor Furniture

The issue of mold is especially worrying for parents who bring their children to these resorts on vacation. It is medically proven that prolonged exposure to mold and mildew is incredibly harmful. Proponents of wood will point out that any mold exposure is irrelevant because the tables are outdoors. Yet if the wooden furniture is left indoors for any length of time, it will also spread to whatever surfaces it touches.

This will ensure that families are in danger no matter where they go in the resort. Worse still, food is eaten off the wooden tables which are not properly cleaned. This means bacteria from food will also spread. None of this will happen with aluminum outdoor furniture. This is because it is remarkably easy to clean. All that needs to be done is quickly spray the tables and chairs with disinfectant every day to keep mold and bacteria away.

Safety With Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

The water from the pool will also have no effect on the aluminum outdoor furniture which will last for years without ever causing difficulties to a business owner. Their light weight means they are easy to put indoors if the need ever arises but they are still strong enough to avoid being blown into the pool by a gust of wind. Make your business more attractive and keep your customers safe from mold and bacteria by purchasing aluminum outdoor furniture.


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