outdoor furniture

When shopping for outdoor furniture, buyers are generally looking for two things: durability and appearance. The materials that make up outdoor furniture must be able to endure constant exposure to the elements such as heat, rain, snow, and ice. Long lasting material is not the only important factor. The appearance of this furniture is also expected to stand the test of time. Outdoor furniture should still look attractive after spending all year out in the weather.

Outdoor furniture is made out of a variety of materials. A few examples include:


  • Wicker – This can be natural woven wood or a synthetic resin material. It’s lightweight, and has many holes which allow for a nice airflow. Wicker is fast drying, and can be cleaned quickly and easily. This material gives off a rustic vibe that continues to look stylish for many years.


  • Plastic Resin – This material is durable, but can begin to become brittle and crack if exposed to constant heat and sunshine. Plastic furniture performs best in a cooler or rainy environment. One of the good things about plastic resin is it offers a variety of designs and colors so you can find the perfect style for you. Resin is also the most economical.  Not recommended for commercial use.


  • Metal – Metal furniture can have a classic, formal look, and is one of the most durable types of outdoor furniture. Special paint makes it rust resistant, and it’s very hard to bend or break. Though it does look nice and will last for an extended period of time, it can be a bit uncomfortable. This can be remedied with the use of outdoor cushions. These cushions and pillows are made from a fabric made for outdoor use. This material does not absorb water, and is easy to clean.


There are some great options when selecting outdoor furniture. Choose furniture that speaks to your style preferences, as well as performance in the weather conditions of your area. Your new outdoor furniture will create a homey hang out environment for you, your friends, family, and guests.