When you purchase outdoor furniture for your hotel, water park or apartment complex, you want to choose furniture that is durable and long-lasting. Some materials are better suited for outdoor furniture than others. Certain metals may rust when left outside for long periods of time. Other materials need constant care and maintenance to survive the weather and elements outside. Aluminum furniture is ideal of outdoor entertaining.

Unlike other types of metal, such as cast iron or steel, aluminum furniture does not rust, so it stays looking fresh season after season. You do need to care for aluminum furniture a little bit, but the effort involved is not nearly as great as caring for cast iron or wrought iron pieces. Rinsing the furniture off with a spray of water every now and then should be sufficient to keeping it looking great.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is also excellent choice over wooden furniture. While wood furniture is lovely and natural looking, it is considerably more fragile than aluminum metal. Wood rots and decays after constant exposure to damp or wet weather. You’ll need to hire someone to take care of it or do the work yourself, either by re-finishing it every season or by oiling it to protect it. After days or months in the hot sun, wood furniture can also split or warp, completely destroying the furniture.

Furniture designed for use outdoors usually needs to be moved frequently. You may find that you want to stack loungers or chairs when not in use to save space or move chairs from the pool area to another outdoor spot. Cast iron pieces are incredibly heavy to lift, as are some wood pieces. Aluminum chairs and loungers are very lightweight. Instead of needing an entire crew to move a few chairs, a single person can complete the task in only a short period of time.

If you want outdoor furniture that will survive season after season without wear or tear, choose aluminum furniture.

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