Fabrics We Offer

If your slings are worn or torn sling replacement is a great inexpensive way to extend the life of your patio furniture. Our company specializes in sling replacement with refinishing services or without refinishing your frames. Absolute offers over 150 different sling fabrics with a wide selection of textures, patterns, and colors to choose from. We use high quality fabrics manufactured by leaders in the outdoor fabric industry. Phifer and Twitchell. We can also special order slings from a select number of manufactures such as Brown Jordan, Tropitone, Woodard and more.

Here’s a list:

  • SlingWeave® is an excellent heavy duty, vinyl coated, polyester fabric for use on commercial and residential outdoor furniture
  • Phifertex Stripes offer a broad range of designs with colorful bands and strips of texture
  • PHIFERTEX® JACQUARDS offers weaves that have the look of tapestry , geometric and floral patterns. This fabric offers strength for tough projects.
  • PHIFERTEX® WICKER WEAVES has the look of natural wood, rattan or wicker in sling applications and offers strength and stability for sling furniture
  • TEXTILENE® 2×2 is an excellent heavy-duty sling, umbrella and cushion fabric. This Twitchell® fabric has a 26 x 26 construction.
  • TEXTILENE® 80 is an excellent sling, umbrella, and cushion fabric. This Twitchell® fabric has a 17 x 14 construction
  • TEXTILENE® Metallic comes in different shades of metallics colors 

Special Order Slings Available By Brand:

  • Brown Jordan Collections: Flight Sling, Fremont Sling, Parkway Flex, Pasadena Sling, Swim, Wave Flex, Wave Padded Sling
  • Woodard Collections: Andover sling, Avondale Sling, Belden sling, Cayman Isle Sling, Cortland Sling, Daytona, Fremont Sling, Hudson Sling, Landings, Metropolis Sling, Orion, Palm Coast Sling, Tribeca
  • Knoll Richard Schultz 1966 Collection: Richard Schultz 1966 Adjustable Chaise, Richard Schultz 1966 bar stool , Richard Schultz 1966 contour chaise , Richard Schultz 1966  counter stool , Richard Schultz 1966 dining chair, Richard Schultz 1966  double rocker , Richard Schultz 1966 lounge chair, Richard Schultz 1966  ottoman , Richard Schultz 1966  single rocker , Richard Schultz 1966 three seat lounge , Richard Schultz 1966 2 seat lounge , Richard Schultz 1966 Adjustable Chaise
  • Tropitone Collection: Cabana Club Sling, Cantos Relaxed Sling, Corsica Sling, Elanced Relaxed Sling, Flair Sling, Kenzo Sling, KOR Relaxed Sling, La Scala Relaxed Sling, Laguna Beach Relaxed Sling, Marconi Sling, Millennia Relaxed Sling, Muirlands Sling, Shoreline sling, South Beach Relaxed Sling
  • Hanimnet Slings
  • Homecrest slings