Care, Maintenance for Your Patio Furniture

Routine care and maintenance will enhance the appearance of your patio furniture as well as extend the life of your frames, slings, vinyl strapping and cushions.

Powder Coated Finish on Furniture Frames:

Clean your aluminum or wrought iron furniture periodically by washing the frames with a solution of mild detergent and water, rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly. Apply a fine clear automobile wax for maximum protection against harmful ultraviolet exposure and salt air.

Slings/Vinyl Cushions:

Clean your slings or vinyl strapping periodically. Be sure to rinse well after each cleaning. Remove light stains with a solution of mild detergent and water, then rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly. Mildew and heavy stains can be removed with a quality commercial outdoor furniture cleaner and protectant. Laying a beach towel over the vinyl straps, slings & cushions whenever you are using the furniture will help protect the vinyl from the discoloring effects of PABA. When using a commercial cleaner be sure to hose down slings, gently scrub using nylon brush for difficult stains. Rinse thoroughly. Leave in sun to dry. Do not pressure wash your slings/straps Please do not submerge furniture in a swimming pool. Please clean mildew as soon as it appears.

Twitchell Sling Cleaning Instructions:

Sponge with a solution of one cup mild detergent with on cup household bleach in three gallons water. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and air dry completely. Treat any stains as soon as possible.

Phifertex Sling Cleaning Instructions:

Prepare a simple cleaning solution using 1 tbsp liquid detergent and 2 tbs household bleach mixed with a gallon of water. Clean fabric using a sponge or soft cloth dipped in solution. Avoid direct contact with oil-based products. Clean promptly if contact occurs.

Vinyl Straps:

To clean vinyl straps use mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. It is recommended that white towels be used on vinyl strap to protect the vinyl from body oils, sunscreens, suntan lotions and chlorine. Do not clean with any solvents or harsh chemicals. When using a commercial cleaner please follow directions. Scrub using nylon brush or cloth. Rinse thoroughly. Straps come in a variety of colors in all color families. There are over 60 colors, all strong enough for commercial usage.

Sunbrella Fabric Cushions:

If you selected Sunbrella fabrics for your cushions, please go to and click on the “how to clean” section. Sunbrella offers detailed instructions.

Special Order Slings/Finishes/Straps:

If you special ordered Brown Jordan, Richard Schultz, Woodard or Tropitone fabrics please follow the manufacturer’s care policy.


Warranty on Finish:

Two year finish on the frames if the furniture is aluminum. There is NO WARRANTY ON STEEL OR IRON. Warranties do not cover damage from chemical exposure or pressure washing. Please follow the care and maintenance section to ensure a long lasting finish. No warranty on miscellaneous iron/steel parts.

Warranty on Slings:

Fabrics are warranted by the manufacturers for manufactures defects and the warranties are limited. Absolute warranties are for 1 year on the slings depending on which sling is selected. If slings are covered under the warranty, the fabric will be replaced by the manufacture, but does not cover the labor to fabricate and install new slings. They do not cover abuse and tears, just manufacturers defects.

Warranty on Straps

Warranty on Straps is for 1 year. Proper care and cleaning required.

Sunbrella Warranty

Sunbrella Warranty offers 5 year on upholstery fabrics. Please follow cleaning instruction available on Warranty does not include labor to make new cushions

Special Order Slings/Finishes/Straps:

If you special ordered Brown Jordan, Richard Schultz, Woodard or Tropitone fabrics please follow the manufacturer’s warranty policy.