Aluminum outdoor furniture and wrought iron outdoor furniture are two of the most popular choices for businesses such as hotels and holiday resorts that need to provide guests with comfortable seating as they enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Caribbean. Although the complete absence of rain means virtually any type of furniture could be used, the aforementioned duos are the preferred choice because of their many advantages. However, aluminum outdoor furniture clearly leaves its wrought iron counterpart in the shade when they are stacked side by side.


For a start, the last thing staff wants to do after a long hard day tending guests is to be forced to take in heavy wrought iron furniture. Tables and chairs made from this are cumbersome and difficult to handle. Aluminum outdoor furniture on the other hand is exceptionally lightweight and could be carried by anyone.


Even though wrought iron is made by craftsmen who heat and hammer solid pieces of metal to create the furniture, it is still the least durable of the two. This seems remarkable given their relative weights but aluminum outdoor furniture is also made from solid bits of metal. The difference is, aluminum has numerous superior properties including incredible strength which confounds its weight and texture. Aluminum is both rust and weather proof meaning it could be left outside for the entire year and never become weakened. This also means it retains its attractive appearance for several years.


Best of all, aluminum outdoor furniture needs virtually no maintenance. Wrought iron on the other hand must be maintained or rust will eventually occur. Simple wipe down of soap and water will keep aluminum furniture looking good all year long.  It is clear that aluminum outdoor furniture is the perfect choice for hotels and holiday resorts thanks to its durability, easy maintenance and storage.


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