People utilize outdoor furniture to relax and enjoy themselves. Nothing is more relaxing than lounging on a chaise lounge by the pool. Outdoor furniture maintenance is essential to ensure that all of your outdoor furniture lasts for many years. Furniture intended for outdoor use is made to withstand the elements so it is very durable and easy to take care of. Maintaining it is not a difficult job.

Cleaning is one of the easiest aspects of taking care of outdoor furniture. To clean it simply rinse it off with a water hose daily to remove any dirt and debris. A solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water can be rubbed onto all of the surfaces to remove any chemical residue left from sunblock, tanning lotions, or insect repellant sprays. Be sure to wipe down any cushions on the furniture as well. Allow the soap and water to sit for a few minutes and then simply rinse off with the water hose. Leave the cushions sitting on their edge so they can dry quickly.

For scraps and dings on outdoor furniture made of aluminum such as scuff marks, fine grain sandpaper or a wire brush can be used lightly to remove. Touch up paint can be used for any chipped areas. First use something to prep the area where the paint is chipped, such as steel wool to ensure that the paint adheres well. Then the touch up paint can be applied to the damaged area. After it dries the furniture will look as good as new.

If storage space is available many choose to store their outdoor furniture indoors for the winter. Outdoor furniture made from aluminum will be fine outside during the winter; however it is essential to apply oil to it to ensure that it will be protected from the cold and elements. Mineral oil or baby oil are excellent choices. Any umbrellas should be oiled as well, especially around the joints. If stacking items such as tubular aluminum chairs ensure that tubing is not exposed where water can enter. When water gets into the tubes it can freeze and crack damaging the chair. Any cushions on the furniture should be removed and stored.

Outdoor furniture that is taken care of looks great. When your outdoor décor is beautiful people keep coming back. If done properly outdoor furniture maintenance can make your outdoor furniture last for many years.

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