Yes, powder coating is important to preserve your outdoor furniture!  Powder coating is a cost-effective way to protect new furniture and a great restoration process for older items.  You can turn furniture that is seemingly ready for the dumpster into a masterpiece at a fraction of the cost to purchase new.

Powder coating has many benefits:

  • attractive – keeps the finish of your outdoor furniture beautiful longer
  • colorful – many modern and vintage fashion colors to choose from
  • scratch resistant – tough finish that wears gracefully
  • long-lasting – extends the life of your outdoor furniture
  • environmentally friendly

Powder coating revives the appearance of vintage and antique furniture as well as protecting and preserving the finish of new outdoor furniture.  It is an advanced, decorative finish process that protects your furniture’s surface from weather elements like heat, cold, rain and humidity.  It will also help prevent other challenges for outdoor furniture such as grime, corrosion, scratching and bleaching to the aluminum itself.  Powder coating works best on aluminum and other metal surfaces.

Powder coating is available in many decorator colors including green, but more importantly, it is environmentally green! It is virtually pollution free and contains no carcinogens.  Additionally, any unused or over-sprayed powder is contained.  The waste is minimal and is disposed of easily, safely and earth-conscientiously.

You have made the investment in your outdoor furniture, why not make the investment of powder coating to ensure and extend the life of your purchase?  You will love the appearance and the longevity!  In these budget stretching times, stretch the life of your outdoor furniture with powder coating!

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