When it comes to choosing the right type of outdoor furniture, there are a variety of options available.  Vast differences exist as they relate to style, comfort, and overall functionality.  Many people will choose wood, without realizing that aluminum outdoor furniture definitely has its advantages:

  • Lower Cost — Good quality wood can be very expensive.  This is true even when it comes to small display pieces you set on your shelf or mantle. Blow that up to an entire set of patio furniture and it might burn a hole in your wallet.  Aluminum, on the other hand, is an extremely common metal.  This equals a huge savings in expense.
  • Modern Style — Yes, wood can be good if you’re looking for an outdoorsy type  feel.  But it’s hard to deny that aluminum outdoor furniture adds a modern, more stylized look.  With the wide variety of colors and styles available, it adds a sense of class and elegance to any decor.
  • Durability  — If you’ve ever moved furniture, one thing you’ve probably noticed is  that aluminum furniture is much more lightweight than wood.  But don’t let this fool you.  Although its weight is typically less, aluminum outdoor furniture enjoys the best weight to strength ratio of all patio furniture.  This translates to a durability and reliability that is unmatched.
  • Malleability  — You’ve probably noticed that aluminum outdoor furniture comes in a vast array of designs and styles.  This is because aluminum is very easy  to work with, providing more options when it comes to outdoor furniture. As an added benefit of this, the ease of use also lowers its price tag.
  • Resilience  — Wood is known to be a durable option, but most people don’t realize that due to a unique chemical reaction, aluminum is extremely resilient. Without getting too scientific, the metal undergoes a process called aluminum oxide, forming an insanely resilient, yet undetectable layer over the metal.  This chemical reaction protects the furniture from the sun’s rays, weather elements, and daily usage.

No matter your situation, aluminum provides a variety of advantages over wood.  Between its lower cost, durability, and everything else that makes it unique, nothing quite beats it.  So do yourself a favor and add aluminum outdoor furniture to your landscape.  Your patio will thank you for it.

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