There is nothing more relaxing than lounging by the pool, but you need to make sure your pool furniture is well taken care of to keep your pool side lounging relaxing. If you keep your furniture near chlorine you may want to be cautious.

Chlorine bleaches your furniture and corrodes some materials. Before you purchase your furniture you should check the materials and avoid furniture that contains steel and iron. Also, you may not want to buy dark materials due to the bleaching factor. You wouldn’t want to walk out to your beautiful, sparkling pool and find that your pool furniture has faded and now looks faded.

You may want to consider applying protective coverings or a sealant to your furniture to at least lessen the wear and tear of having your furniture by the pool. When you are not by the pool you may want to consider relocating your furniture to a location away from the pool to reduce your furniture’s exposure to chlorine.

Also, if you have wood furniture try to avoid keeping it directly near the pool to avoid getting wood rot and discolored wood. If you notice spots of rust on metal furniture you can try a rust remover and remember to remove your furniture from the pool area when not in use.

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