Pool lounge chairs and pool furniture in general are the quintessential piece of outdoor furniture for your resort. Your guests will enjoy nothing more than relaxing by the pool as they enjoy their vacation at you resort. Little ones can play as mom and dad watch from the poolside. Guests can lounge and enjoy a book or sip drinks bought from a poolside bar. Pool furniture allows guests to linger longer. If you have a poolside bar or snack bar, having comfortable poolside seating and tables will encourage them to stay longer and purchase more as they enjoy their day at your resort.

Your pool furniture no longer has to look like the old school, flimsy plastic chair. Now you can get durable outdoor furniture with the quality, comfort and luxury of indoor furniture. From tables with chairs under an umbrella for shade, to the relaxing comfort of a pool lounge chair, pool furniture can be quite versatile. There are many style options available today, your poolside need not look like Grandmas pool, but rather an en vougue, modern environment for outdoor enjoyment.  Seating can be padded with durable and washable cushions for the ultimate experience in outdoor comfortable seating. Bring the comfort of the indoors to the relaxing atmosphere of the poolside for your guests and they will relish every minute.

There are many styles of pool furniture available for you to choose from. Let the design and fabric give your guests an island feel. Create an outdoor bistro by the snack bar, grill or bar for a chic look that says more than picnic tables. Does your resort have more of a southern feel? Consider adding wicker pieces for that lemonade and sweet tea on the front porch feel. Adirondack style pieces will fit perfectly in a mountainside resort.

Another great thing about these pieces is that they are lightweight and easy to stack and store. During cold or stormy seasons they may need to be put away but it is just as easy to get them right back out when the seasons turn warmer again. Washing them at the end or beginning of the season is a cinch since they are made of durable, weatherproof materials. Adding the right pool furniture will give your guests an enjoyable experience they will return for again and again.

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