Vacation season is over for now. Kids go back to school, adults go back to work, and the air gets brisker day by day. The influx of guests looking just to escape their daily lives for a while that you saw months ago has slowed. So now what is there to do?

This slow part of the year is the perfect time to re-strap your pool furniture. Having furniture re-strapped as needed keeps your pool area looking like the paradise your guests deserve year-round, and it even saves you money in the long-run.

There are two tell-tale signs that your pool chairs may be ready for a re-strapping. You should be regularly cleaning the vinyl straps of the chairs
with a mild soap. If that mild soap begins to lose effectiveness, you can steadily add small percentages of household bleach to the soap. If not even a 50/50 mixture of soap and bleach will cut it anymore, it’s time to re-strap.

Also, watch for stiff, brittle straps. They can be a safety hazard, prone to snap under the weight of a guest. If the straps aren’t soft, you need new ones as soon as possible. Otherwise, someone might get seriously hurt.

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to re-strap your pool furniture, you’re going to need some professional help. It may seem like nothing but an extra expense to hire outside, but the new vinyl straps must be attached to the chair frames with  high heat. Novices are likely to get scalded. The straps also must be pulled into place with precise timing and accuracy, something also better left to professionals. The money you spend now
on pros will be money you’ll save later on brand new pool furnishings.

You may not have thought of re-strapping your pool furniture before. It seems like such a small detail. But it’s the little things that make a vacation, the little things that will keep guests coming back year after year to forget their troubles and just relax. And they’ll be able to relax because you’ve thought of everything. Even the pool chairs.

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