Absolute Patio Furniture is not responsible if the measurement you submit are incorrect for any reason. Please review our sling measuring guide carefully before measuring your slings. Be sure that your old sling is not baggy, sagging or loose and that the rails holding the sling material are secured tightly to the sling frame. DO NOT measure loose slings that have already been removed from the frame.

Absolute Patio Furniture does not recommend ordering replacement slings for furniture that is made with spreader bars or sling rails that are fixed or welded to the frame and cannot be removed or adjusted during the installation process. Slings ordered from Absolute Patio Furniture will be made too narrow for these types of furniture frames. Furniture frames with fixed or welded sling rails or spreader bars require specialty tooling and equipment to safely and correctly install replacement slings. Absolute Patio Furniture is not liable for ripped slings or damaged furniture if installation is attempted on furniture frames with fixed or welded sling rails or spreader bars.