If you’re a business with an outdoor location or a homeowner with a patio setup, chances are that you’ve got outdoor chairs. When the weather is nice, these chairs are great for offering seating by the pool or outdoor table. However, if the weather is poor or the seasons are changing, you may want to store them somewhere to keep them from getting damaged or blowing away. If you’ve ever tried to store loose chairs in a shed or other storage area, you know how much room they can take up. Your shed becomes a jumbled mess of chairs every which way, falling when you try to grab them. Fortunately, with outdoor stackable chairs you can save a ton of room and organize your storage to maximize space.

Why Stackable Chairs?
Stackable chairs are what you would expect – chairs that can be stacked. Their bases are made wider than the tops, which allows the base of the top chair to fit over the arm rests of the bottom chair. In many cases you can stack them 4, 5, or even more high if you decide to. When you stack the chairs, they are easier to store because they take up less floor space. However, they also become heavier, making it safer to leave the chairs outside during a wind storm if you don’t have storage to keep them in. Couple that with a cover for the stack and you’re in good shape all winter, as long as you choose an aluminum chair.

Why Aluminum Chairs?
When it comes to longevity of your chairs, the materials are one of the primary factors. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rusting, lightweight, and resilient in outdoor conditions. When you use aluminum for the base of the chair, it can stay out in all kinds of weather. Choosing to use aluminum outdoor stackable chairs gives you the convenience of stacking, the resiliency of aluminum, and all without breaking the bank.

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