Unlike other metals, aluminum outdoor furniture is often easy to maintain and doesn’t cost half as much as what you would spend on maintaining wooden and other metal outdoor furniture. This is because aluminum outdoor furniture is naturally more resilient and less prone to consistent exposure to weather conditions or the elements. Not just that, aluminum outdoor furniture is less likely to rust and peel its paint. To maintain and care for your aluminum outdoor furniture, here are a few tips.

1. Clean With Water Frequently

If you have the time, you can clean with water every day. If not, try doing so at least once or twice a week. Depending on where it is located and how frequently you use it, you might need more cleaning. For instance, if it is located in an area with high traffic and dust, you should clean frequently. Cleaning with water is safe because aluminum lacks the ability to oxidize with water and oxygen as compared to iron which tends to react more chemically with water and oxygen.


2. Coat With Oil

As winter approaches, it is important that you coat the aluminum outdoor furniture with some oil before stowing them away. While in storage, ensure that the furniture isn’t upside down. This is to avoid moisture accumulation which could in the winter, turn to ice and damage the legs. This way, when spring comes, all you have to do to use it again is wipe off, do some dusting and enjoy the spring.


3. Look Out for Suntan Stains

During the summer, lots of people like to suntan. The suntan lotion usually used for such occasions can quickly cause some discoloration on the aluminum outdoor furniture. When this happens, be sure to clean it out as soon as you notice it. To be on the safe side, clean with warm soapy water immediately after each and every use.


4. Get Rid of Scuffs

Wherever, you notice scuff marks on the aluminum outdoor furniture, be sure to even them out by using sandpaper, abrasives or wire paper.


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