Tropitone was established in 1954 and offers outstanding residential and commercial outdoor furniture. products specifically designed for commercial and residential outdoor spaces, all with the same standards of excellence. Collection include: Cabana Club Sling
Absolute specializes in Woodard furniture restoration. Services include sandblasting, pretreatment, primer and powder coating, Sling replacement and vinyl strap replacement.

We offer the following Sling products from Tropitone:

  • Cantos Relaxed Sling
  • Corsica Sling
  • Elance Relaxed Sling
  • Flair Sling
  • Kenzo Sling
  • KOR Sling
  • La Scala Relaxed Sling
  • Laguna Beach Relaxed Sling
  • MainSail Sling
  • Marconi Sling
  • Millennia Relaxed Sling
  • Muirlands Sling
  • Ravello Sling
  • Samba Sling
  • Shoreline Sling
  • Sono Sling
  • South Beach Relaxed Sling
  • Torino Sling